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How Solar Works – TRUenergy Inc.

A Better Way to Power Your Home

In an industry that has been dominated by monopolies, this is the first time in our history where homeowners now have a choice where their power comes from.  Converting your home to clean energy not only helps the environment but it also protects you from the unpredictable rising utility costs.


Solar Panels

Solar panels produce energy by using silicon to convert UV rays into electricity. TRUenergy uses high-efficiency solar panels, backed by a 25-year manufacturer’s warranty, that capture the free energy from the sun shining on your roof every day.



The solar panels create electricity that needs to be tamed. An inverter is essentially the brains of your solar system. It converts energy from the panels into something you can use every day in your home or business. Your system will be free from exposed wiring and safe to operate in all weather conditions. Our inverters are efficient, non-invasive, and reliable.


Net Metering

During the day, most solar customers produce more electricity than they consume. A major hurdle to solar power adoption has been how to store the sun’s energy so you can use it when you need it. Net metering allows you to use your utility company to essentially store your unused energy.

The way this works is Net metering programs give homeowners full retail rate credit for surplus energy they produce with their solar system. This is a one for one credit- For every kilowatt hour of energy your system sends out into the grid, you get a kilowatt hour credit back to be used for your home.

All three of the state’s major utilities — Idaho Power, Rocky Mountain Power and Avista Utilities — offer net metering programs.


Quality Installation

There is much more to solar than bolting panels to the roof. We understand how to design an efficient, aesthetically-pleasing solar array for your home or business.

Our install company is highly regarded as a top installer and has the most experience in the industry. With installers that are trained by professionals with NABCEP certification – the highest in the industry. Coupled with our top tier North American made components, we make sure your install is done right and will last for years.